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Iran Advisory Services,Tehran Nominee Directors/Shareholders & Registered Fiduciary Agents:Iran Company RegistryThis is a featured page
دکـتر حـسن امـیرشاهی : وکـیل ( عـضو کانون بین الـملـلی وکـلا و انـجـمن وکلای فـرانـسـه زبان کانادا) و مـتـرجم رســمی فرانسه و انگلیسی دادگـسـتـری ایـران و نـاتی اسـتـرالـیا (شماره عضویت 69666 ) وناجیت امریکا و کانادا:شماره عضویت 15736:دارالترجمه رسمی با مهر معتبر بین المللی ، برابر با اصل و تایید مدارک به زبان خارجه مشاوره ونظریه کتبی حقوقی و وکالت درخصوص پرونده های خارج از کشور ، برابر با اصل و تصدیق امضاء و عکس برای خارج کشور
مناطق فرمانیه،زعفرانیه،نیاوران،الهییه+محمودیه+شمیران

دفتر مرکز شهر : خیابان قائم مقام - کوی ماگنولیا - پلاک 30 - طبقه 2 - واحد 5
تلفن : : 88319672 ، 88311592 ، 88311593 ، 88320174 ، 09121077760
فکس : 88823698 ، 88320173
E-mail : : پست الکترونیکی : وب سایت
226451HAAM-IR : تلکس

دفتر تجریش : پل تجریش ، خیابان ولیعصر ، ابتدای کوچه کاشانچی ، پلاک 20/1(ساختمان گلبرگ) ، طبقه 4 ، واحد 10
تلفن : 22759734 ، 09128093451
فکس : 22730665, 22725560 , 22732793
E-mail : : پست الکترونیکی

(Downtown Office): Suite 5, 2nd Fl., 30 Magnolia Alley, Off Ghaem Magham St. Tehran 1588613917, Iran
(Tajrish Office) :
Flat No. 10 , 4th Fl., No. 20/1 , Beginning of Kashanchi Alley , Valiasr St., Tajrish , Tehran,Iran

Tel: (+98 21) 88319672, 88320174, 88311593 (downtown office) 22732796 (Zafranieh Office)
(Zafranieh Office)Fax: (+98 21) 88823698, 88320173, 88311592 (downtown office) 22732793
Cell Phones: (+98) 912 10 777 60 or (+98) 935 985 37 71 (this latter number cannot receive SMS messages)
Telex: 226451 HAAM-IR

E-mail :
Through our experienced team, we are able to provide assistance to clients on a wide range of transactions (to clients in IRAN and throughout the world) including issues dealing with International Trade Law ,Tax Law ,International Trade Arbitration , Commercial Contracts , Legal Consultancy in BOT,BOOT,BOO,......major corporate, banking and cross-border transactions as well as property law, recovery of receivables,intellectual property, conveyancing and change of name.

Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI (Esq.) & Associates, Cabinet d'avocats de Me Hassan AMIRSHAHI et Associés
Barristers & Solicitors/ Avocats à la cour et conseillers juridiques
(Downtown Office): Suite 5, 2nd Fl., 30 Magnolia Alley, Off Ghaem Magham St. Tehran 1588613917, Iran
(in English)
(in French)
(in Persian/Farsi)
(in Arabic) (in Persian/Farsi) (on intellectual property matters) (under construction) (under construction) (on intellectual property and PVR rights) (on translation services) (under construction)

Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Associates, member of Iran Bar Association, IBA (under membership No. 1007067), AEL and some other regional and international groups and associations of French-speaking and Arabic-speaking lawyers and paralegals and located in downtown Tehran (Iran), has considerable experience in providing legal regulatory and contractual advice to commercial, industrial and financial institutions. The firm also advises in a wide range of other areas including arbitration, property law, inheritance, family law , litigation, liquidation of companies, intellectual property and shipping. The firm is available to advise, draft, interpret and negotiate documents in English, French, Arabic as well as in Persian (Farsi) . We are recognized by,, Martindale Hubbel, Chambers Global, IFLR1000, West Law, Find Law, Lexmundi and many other international and regional legal directories,,, ,,,,,

Useful Links: (Official Gazette) (State Organization for Registration of Deeds & Properties) Central Bar Association) (Association of Official Experts) ( Iranian Association of Official Translators) (National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreters) (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators) (International Bar Association)

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